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The prestige of the publisher’s brand name – an underestimated factor in science book publication costs

Complaining about high publication costs in science has become commonplace, but why is it that scientists are not choosing cheaper publication venues? As Christoph Bruch remarked recently, it seems that “scientists depend on publishers like junkies depend on their dealers”. … Continue reading

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The Cost of Knowledge

As mentioned in my description of the OA event at the HU, I was impressed by what the mathematicians achieved. I went to and wanted to sign their protest against Elsevier. There are three options one can check: I … Continue reading

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Do you love comics?

I do. Here is one on Open Access. Thanks to Detmar Meurers for sharing!

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Summary of OA Discussion Event at the HU with Participants of DFG and Elsevier

Encouraging Results of the Mathematician’s Fights The Humboldt University organized a panel discussion about OA yesterday. The mathematician Martin Grötschel gave an initial talk about his activities during the past decades. He described his dreams in 1995 (Everything! Everywhere! Immedeately! … Continue reading

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Towards open-access book publication in linguistics

1. Introduction With the almost universal availability of the internet, the old publication model for science becomes less and less efficient. Before the internet, there was no good alternative to the model where a fixed number of copies are printed, … Continue reading

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