Time to say goodbye to Elsevier

I just checked the linguistics journals that Elsevier offers:

  • Ampersand
  • Assessing Writing
  • Computers and Composition
  • Discourse, Context and Media
  • English for Specific Purposes
  • Journal of Communication Disorders
  • Journal of English for Academic Purposes
  • Journal of Fluency Disorders
  • Journal of Neurolinguistics
  • Journal of Phonetics
  • Journal of Pragmatics
  • Journal of Second Language Writing
  • Language and Communication
  • Language Sciences
  • Lingua
  • Linguistics and Education
  • System

Three years ago I wrote a blog post asking whether we should follow the mathematicians and just stop working for the major publishers. I argued that this would be difficult since the field sort of needed the journals. Since then I reviewed for Lingua four times. With the recent developments and the complete board of Lingua stepping down and leaving Elsevier and founding the new journal Glossa, there is no reason for me left to work for Elsevier after the current editors fulfilled their duty at the end of the year.

The other journals are outside of my field of specialization and therefore I now say: Goodbye, Elsevier! and add to my signature in the Cost of Knowledge petition that I will never submit to nor review for an Elsevier journal during the rest of my life.

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