Books I Did not Buy

In this post I will document books I wanted to buy but did not because the math did not work out.

  1. Mikkelsen, Line, 2005, Copular Clauses: Specification, Predication and Equation, Benjamins, 210 pages, US $158/105€ ($0,75/0,50€ per page), 15.12.2012.
  2. Lyih-Peir Luo, 1999,  Studien zu seriellen Verbkonstruktionen: Ihre Syntax und Semantik im Chinesischen, De Gruyter, 204 pages, US$ 196.00/139.95€ ($0,96/0,70€ per page), 20.12.2012.
  3. Lee-Schoenfeld, Vera, 2007, Beyond Coherence: The Syntax of Opacity in German, Benjamins, 206 pages, $158/105€ ($0,77/0,51€ per page), 04.01.2013.

This page relates to the post about The Cost of Knowledge and its purpose is also to collect publishers with outrageous book prices.


PS: For the authors: I will read the book nevertheless, if they are available in the libraries in Berlin or via interlibrary loan. I will not ask our library to buy these books. If no library that is connected to the FU library offers the books or if they are not available, I will not read them …


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