Stuart Shieber on Economy

Interesting Post by Stuart Shieber about bundels and other nice tricks.

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  1. Thank you for the interesting link! Do you know if the APC model Shieber describes generalizes at all to the situation in Germany? As far as I know, there is nobody who would be willing to pay publishing fees for me, it would all have to come out of my own pocket.

  2. Well, the DFG has enormous amount of money for OA. 1 Mio € per year. This is distributed via the universities. The FU for instance has a certain budget and researchers can apply for it. Frau Lipp from the DFG said that they wanted to support this even more, but the researchers did not use all the money that is available for this.

    Check this audiorecording:

    Her statement is at 1h and 6 minutes.

    So you should ask around at the Tübingen university.

    Of course all those researchers that do neither access to university funds nor to grant money are stuck.

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