Ungluing books

There is this new crowd funding service unglue.it that can be used to make books freely available under a creative commons license.  People can wish for books. Right owners can start ungluing campaigns and then all those who wished for a book are informed. People can pledge to pay a certain amount of money and if the campaign is successful the book will be released as ebook and will be open access under a CC license.

I have a contract with CSLI Publications that transfers the rights back to me when I buy the remaining copies. So it is possible to unglue this book. I started a campaign. $650 in total are needed, $189 are in already: https://unglue.it/work/117745/

In general I will contribute a third of the list price to every book I already bought. So if anybody else starts campaigns, please inform me.


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  1. This is difficult to verify:
    every book I already bought
    I change it to every book I cite. This does not include collections of papers in edited volumes, although I may contribute to ungluing such books as well.

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