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After getting more and more SPAM from journals, I decided to put together a list of journals that send me unsolicited mail and usually demonstrating a real lack of understanding of the field they claim to publish in. The first member of the list will be Journal of  Modern Education Review (ISSN 2155-7993).

They asked me whether I want to submit my paper about CoreGram in their journal on Education and if I wanted to publish books with them.

  1. The paper is about theoretical and computational linguistics, not about eduction
  2. The paper is already published.
  3. I am one of the press directors of Language Science Press and I am not looking for an outlet for my books.

So, this is a clear candidate for a SPAM journal.

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2 Responses to SPAM journals

  1. You can add the Journal of Literature and Art Studies (ISSN 2159-5836(print) 2159-5844(online)). The beginning of the email should say it all:

    “Journal of Literature and Art Studies (ISSN 2159-5836) would like to invite you to submit a full English research article, which is in areas related, but not limited to:
    Literature studies, Aesthetics Criticism, Feminist Literary Criticism, Poetics Criticism, Mythology studies, Romanticism, folklore, fine art, Animation studies, film studies, music studies, painting and calligraphy art etc.

    We have learned your abstract entitled Tracing nominalisation through the phases of English‐German translation: A case study of grammatical metaphor from The 42nd International Systemic Functional Congress, July 27-31, 2015.”

    I’ll have a full English breakfast instead.

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